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London, England - 07 Mar, 2019


Get essential work permit advice, guidance and assessment. See the procedure or about the UK work permits which are given below:
At first, you have to know which services are provided by us. We are provided work permit, tier 2, tier 5, representative of overseas business, UK visa, immigration UK, UK visas and immigration, tier 2 visa, UK visa and immigration, business visa the UK, tier 2 sponsor etc.
Now, we are describing UK Work Permits | Tier 2 Visas.
About UK Work Permits | Tier 2 Visas
A Work Permit is also known as obtaining a "Certificate of Sponsorship" from a registered employer. Obtain your next work permit through ICS Legal, the UK Home Office system of registered sponsors requires compliance to ensure migrants are treated fairly in the UK. The UK Home Office since 2008 has changed the working categories dramatically, by bringing forward the Points Based System and replacing the old work permit system.
The introduction of the Investor routes, as well as the closure of the Tier 1 General, has led to immense pressure for working individuals to feel secure at work in the UK. In addition, the closure of the Tier 1 Post Study work has affected 000’s of students in the UK. Our regulated legal advisors are in the position to advise on the following process of obtaining a UK Work Permit:
1. Tier 2 Work Permit in which you will work for a specified employer in the UK, this is the sponsored skilled visa. Employers are required to provide the Certificate of Sponsorship to apply. Click here to read more information on how to apply for this type of sponsorship and the work permit conditions.
2. Intra Company Transfer programmers with a un-capped certificate of sponsorships.
3. Tier 1 Business Programmed, the UK Home Office now require minimum investments from £50,000 - £200,000 in which applicants can obtain 3 years left.
4. Graduate Entrepreneur scheme which requires no monetary investments.
5. Tier 5 Categories enabling individuals obtaining leave to work in the UK, and work experience.
6. Representatives of Overseas businesses.
You can read more information on the following: https://www.icslegal.com/work-permit.php

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