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Photo Editing Solutions FOR E COMMERCE And also Photography STUDIOS

London, England - 24 Mar, 2020


We Offer More Than only Impeccable Retouching 

With a deep understanding of each element of the beauty content creation process, we manage our clients' post-production, while guiding, advising and co-creating compelling visuals.  


We are Cut From a different Cloth

Studio Impress is a post-production and consulting agency within the beauty ecosystem created to assist cosmetics brands in creating visuals that capture the consumer's eye. Our team of experienced professional retouchers, commercial photographers and industry-renowned makeup artists appreciates the effect and value of cohesive, top-quality visual assets. Together, we have developed a working process that ensures a brand's visual identity is brought out during the final deliverables.

What We Offer

We Do it Better

We know first-hand how much time, effort and resources it takes to produce consistent promotional content in the beauty space. We believe it is especially important to have a trusted team of professionals prepare the raw materials from your shoots for their final destination - be that your website, social media, print marketing materials, product packaging or perhaps billboards - so that your visuals successfully do whatever they were created to do: attract new customers and sell your product.

Attractiveness Retouching

Beautiful skin is our thing. We specialize in beauty retouching for virtually any media, from large scale print strategies to eComm. Our retouching artists are trained to see the substances that need to be addressed while preserving natural skin tone and beautiful texture. In beauty, the impact of the last image depends on the caliber of the captured material, and we love helping our clients understand and plan their photoshoots with the ultimate result in mind.

Macro Beauty Retouching

It's absolutely no secret that retouching macro attractiveness is a whole separate discipline within charm retouching. With hundreds of macro beauty images in our portfolio, we pride ourselves on the capacity to offer quality and knowledge second to none. In macro beauty digital photography, skillful retouching must be applied to the top original captured image, so we always recommend our clients consult with us before starting the production process and casting talent.

eComm Beauty Materials

Arm swatches, lip swatches, smears and anything else that calls for precise color matching - we are quite experienced in all that too. Reach out to us for any of your product page, site visual assets production and post-production needs.

Cosmetics Product Retouching

From eComm to creative product photos and also product smears -  we got you! We'll deal with both production and post-production based on your vision and creative brief.


More Than Retouching

Our unique new client on-boarding process allows us to apply our expertise to your vision and goals to create consistent, high quality visual assets. We also offer pre-production consultation aimed at minimizing your project's post-production time and cost, and preventing any potential problems before they arise.


Production in UK Can't find the right ability to create top-quality beauty or makeup product images for a product launch, promotional campaign or perhaps the product page of yours holding a retail merchant site? We would love to finish the circle. With the extensive industry knowledge of ours and connections, we are able to link you with the best-in-class United Kingdom based commercial beauty, cosmetic item photographers and makeup artists.


Our Global Team

Operating from both UK and Vienna, we are a global team of professionals specializing in beauty and product retouching for cosmetics brands. With over the decade of experience in professional photography and also retouching, our Post-Production Directors hand-pick and train the brightest, most talented and hardworking retouching artists from across the world.

 SERVING THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY We are GlobalOur Post-Production Directors are located in united Kingdom and Vienna, while our Retouching Artists work in cities all around the globe. This makes it possible for us to hand-pick the best of the top regardless of the physical location of theirs and finish our clients' projects efficiently with the maximum standards.


No long chains of command. Call Ieva Shem direct on +442039361480 to discuss any retouching question you may have. Or just write an email to orders@studio-impress.com

Portfolio before/after:

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