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Walkie Talkie Hire Anywhere In the UK from £7 per week per Radio

10 Gascony Avenue , Kilburn, London, England NW6 4TEShow Map - 20 Feb, 2021


Walkie talkie hire or rental at best price. Amherst Walkie Talkie Centre stocks a large fleet of Walkie-Talkie and Two way radios available for both short term & long term rental for your next project. We can supply you with the exact equipment you require. Hire Walkie talkie for corporate events, festivals, concerts, security, wedding planners, event management, school and college events, sporting events etc. We strive to provide cost-effective and relevant solutions to meet your requirements. Visit us at: https://www.walkie-talkie-radio.co.uk/hiring


10 Gascony Avenue , Kilburn, London, England NW6 4TE

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